The collaboration between Nippon Steel, Sanyo Special Steel and Ovako is focused on bringing out the best in each other to achieve one common goal: making our customers more successful than ever. We do this by combining our expertise, products and support in a leading global offering.

Our expanded offering gives customers the added convenience of choosing from the world´s widest range of specialty steel products. Optimized global production and supply also gives them the reliable deliveries they need. And the joint strength of our R&D resources helps accelerate their innovation, boosting competitiveness. Finally, through our environmentally efficient production, strong industrial ownership, global supply and worldwide customer support capacity, we ensure an unrivalled level of sustainability and availability.

Advantages of Collaboration

  • World-leading range of products
  • Optimal global production and supply
  • Cutting-edge R&D resources
  • Sustainable ownership and production
  • Global supply chain and customer support
Collaboration Ovako Nippon Steel Sanyo Special Steel


The world´s widest range of specialty steel products provides our customers with the exact solution they need for their specific industrial applications. Our experience in meeting demands for product quality means that we can be our customers´ first choice, especially since we are certified to meet most quality and environmental standards, whether from ISO, JIS or IATF.


The combination of global operations and sales channels means that we can provide even better customer service. Sales organizations across the world, in combination with well-established trading channels and value-adding logistics, gives new advantages. It allows us to provide leading edge technical support as well as tailored logistics for customers wherever they are.

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The collaboration that we now enjoy is based on strong industrial ownerships as well as environmentally efficient steel production, whether scrap, or ore-based. Our focus is long-term, and we are here to stay. This also means that we look at our customer relations from the long-term perspective. We want to build robust and sustainable supply chains, with the aim to develop steel solutions that build a better future.


Nippon Steel Group is financially one of the strongest steel manufacturers in the world, renowned for long term cooperation in close partnership with customers. A broad portfolio of steel metallurgies, rolling mills, and many complementary downstream operations means that we can always find several alternative global supply routes for customers. This allows peace of mind, as our customers know they can rely on us.

Collaboration Ovako Nippon Steel Sanyo Special Steel
Ovako Nippon Steel birds eye view


At each of our R&D locations we have a proud history of having developed advanced products for many types of highly demanding applications. Now that we offer the combined experience of these centers of excellence, we are opening new doors for even better collaboration with customers who are seeking leadership in their specific markets.

Global strength in specialty steel
Global strength in specialty steel
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