Nippon Steel contributes to enhancing the safety of structures and the development of society by delivering high-performance steel plates for large industrial and social structures such as ships, bridges, and high-rise buildings; marine structures for oil and gas extraction; and high performance steel plates used for tanks and other energy-related products. Nippon Steel supports various industries and people’s lives by delivering steel sheet used to make automobiles, electrical appliances, housing, beverage cans, transformers, and other goods. Nippon Steel delivers H-beams, steel sheet piles, steel pipe piles, rails, and other steel materials used in the civil engineering and construction sectors in Japan and overseas. Nippon Steel is a world-leader in high-end seamless pipes used in oil and gas development and other energy areas. Large-diameter tubes for pipelines and steel tubes for automobiles, and construction and industrial machinery are also areas of strength. Nippon Steel is also a manufacturer of railway steel wheels and axles as well as forged crankshafts for automobiles. Nippon Steel is a world-leader in titanium products for construction, aviation, general industrial, and consumer-related applications.



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